Happy Ind.ie New Year

31st December, 2015 — Aral Balkan

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Renata Avila’s statement of support

Mr. Balkan is currently one of the most outspoken global leaders calling for a different economical, ethical and social way to do things. His project offers the possibility to bring to life a concrete example of businesses of the 21st century with human rights embedded in the design and considered in each and every stage of its development.

I had the opportunity to meet and work together with Mr. Balkan during the Web We Want Festival at the South Bank Centre, which I co-organised with artist and activist Jude Kelly. Both Jude and I were impressed not only at the quality of his ideas bit at the ability to connect with a broader audience and the usability of the solutions he presented.

We also presented at a hearing at the European Parliament, highlighting the importance of the digital commons and decentralized technologies.

I know only few visionaries can see how relevant is Aral’s project for the future of the Web and our 21st Century society, and that impacts heavily the investment in his ideas. I encourage you to take him as fellow, as his project, if it takes off, will bring to the space a whole new generation of projects based in ethics. And even if it does not succeed, it will be a key case to study and understand better the threats to open and ethical technologies. And possible solutions for our future.